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At Judith Wright Design, we stand out for our blend of practicality and innovation in design solutions. Recognized as a Kitchen & Bath Design News Top 24 Innovator, Judith brings a wealth of expertise to every project, from suggesting the latest cutting-edge products to offering truly functional designs. Our commitment to excellence shines through in our top-notch customer service and our dedication to delivering imaginative approaches that exceed expectations.

Being Certified in Kitchen and Bath Design (CKBD) by the NKBA ( National Kitchen and Bath Association) and constantly engaging in webinars and classes to enhance my expertise, I thrive on creating stunning, functional spaces in these vital areas of the home. However, while my specialization lies in kitchens and baths, I'm also passionate about improving other living spaces. Every opportunity to enhance a room's appeal is a chance for me to show you how I can bring happiness into your home. Whether it's a kitchen overhaul, a bathroom renovation, or transforming any other area of your home, I'm eager to collaborate with you and make your dream space a reality.

Absolutely! Color consultations are one of my favorite services to offer homeowners. My fee for a color consultation is $400 for an entire home. During the consultation, we work together to select a perfect color palette tailored to your preferences and your home's aesthetic.

Here's how the 2 hour session works:

  • In your home, we narrow down options to find ideal colors that complement your space and style.
  • Large paper color samples of the selections are delivered in a few days for you to hang on your wall and observe how the sun's lighting would affect that wall color throughout the day.
  • Once I have your final selections, they will be documented with the all important finishes for easy sharing with your painter.

I promise your home will be adorned with colors that enhance its beauty and ambiance.

 Your Initial Interior Design Consultation will be a Working Session!

Our initial interior design consultation is a comprehensive two-hour session, ideally conducted on-site, where we will meet and explore your home together. This personal interaction is key to understanding your style, tastes, and vision for your dream home or project.

Consultation Details:

  • Duration and Cost: The two-hour consultation is priced at $400.
  • Discovery Call: Prior to scheduling the on-site visit, I provide a complimentary 30-minute discovery call. This allows us to discuss the areas you wish to address, review my services in detail, and ensure that we are a great fit for your needs.

What to Expect During the Consultation:

  1. Personal Interaction: We'll tour your home to get a sense of your style and preferences.
  2. Lifestyle Assessment: I’ll observe your everyday lifestyle, noting the colors and elements that resonate with you, as well as areas for potential adjustment.
  3. Open Dialogue: We’ll have a friendly and in-depth conversation about your preferences, ideas, and vision. I’m straightforward with my opinions and tend to provide plenty of advice during our meeting if requested.
  4. Photographic Records: With your permission, I’ll take photos to capture essential details for reference.
  5. Measurements: If time allows and you decide to proceed with our services, I will take measurements during this visit.

There is no obligation to proceed beyond this consultation. However, if you choose to move forward, I will provide a Letter of Agreement that outlines our design process.

This consultation is the first step towards creating a space that truly reflects your unique style and vision.

While I don't offer contracting services directly, I'm more than happy to assist you in finding reputable contractors. Over the years, I've cultivated positive relationships with various contractors who I trust and have had excellent working experiences. Alternatively, if you already have a contractor in mind, I'm more than willing to collaborate with them to ensure seamless execution of your project. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are paramount, and I'm here to facilitate the process every step of the way.

The initial on-site design consultation is a set fee of $400 for up to 2 hours. After that my process is extremely flexible, leaving you free to decide how much you need my services. I charge an hourly rate of $150 per hour, and while the final cost of your project will depend on our scope of work and the complexity of the redesign, my clients commonly invest between $3000 and $5000 in the design process. Let's talk so we can figure out what your project might need.

Well, that depends. In my experience, the type of finishes that you select, (counter top, flooring, plumbing fixtures) and the appliances you prefer often impact the cost more than the cabinetry.  And while I help you to select all of these items as part of our design process, I rarely sell or procure them. You are free to do so on your own or through your contractor. It might be helpful to Check out this article that summarizes remodeling costs in the Seattle area.

The starting budget numbers we share below aren't meant to scare you. We just want to design something that actually happens, and what might seem like a healthy budget may not actually align with the crazy prices in Seattle.

  • Kitchen Remodel:   $80K and up in the Seattle area
  • Bathroom Remodel:   $50K and up in the Seattle area
  • Living Room Furnishings: a sofa typically costs $3K-10K so the whole room can cost $20K real quick
  • Additionally, you might be interested in this report on return on investment numbers nationally Check out this article

Each project varies depending on the scope of the renovation, number of rooms, and the availability of the contractor chosen.

Before your project begins, you will have a timeline that outlines each of the phases and the time estimated to complete. Typically the planning process and our selection of materials takes an average of 3 months.

I am a little old fashioned. An email allows me to organize and reference all of our conversations much more efficiently than a text. However, if urgent, a phone call is always welcome. Or leave a voice message outside of business hours. That's completely okay!

Unless I am traveling, I try to respond in less than 24 hours. 

As a passionate "solopreneur," I handle all design work personally. This ensures that you receive my undivided attention and expertise at every step of the project. While I work independently, I have built a network of trusted vendors, cabinet distributors, and valuable resources over the years. These partnerships enable me to streamline the design process and ensure that your project progresses smoothly. Rest assured, you'll benefit from my dedicated focus and personalized service, backed by a reliable team of professionals to support your project's success.

Yes! In every project I try to suggest the most environmentally friendly solution. The simplest additions you can incorporate in your home right now are listed here.

Still have questions? No problem! Feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to assist you. Your comfort and satisfaction with our process is our top priority!

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