Seasonal Living Virtual Designer Showhouse

Seasonal Living Virtual Designer Showhouse!

Please join me at the opening of the Seasonal Living Virtual Designer Showhouse— the first ever 3D walk-around and shoppable Luxury Designer Showhouse built entirely in the virtual world!

I am so excited to share this news with all my followers. Here is a sneak peak at what you can expect:


I can’t wait to attend. And you can too! Debuting on Dec. 3rd, 2020 at 6 pm ET, during a professionally produced live VIP Special Event, anyone who would like to see the Showhouse first can register to attend the VIP Launch Event which is on this link: And do you know what the best part is? It is absolutely FREE!

Design Inspiration Galore!

The brilliantly designed rooms have been designed by 11 nationally known Interior Designers.  Because the luxury Designer Showhouse is virtual and the designers have not been constrained by budget, they have had complete creative freedom to implement their designs. As a result, the Virtual Designer Showhouse contains hundreds of inspiring and beautiful new ideas. Many of the rooms in the Showhouse are multi-functional dictated by the way families want to live now. For instance, the kitchen, with its 3 story live food solarium, will showcase how growing your own food – indoors – is possible. One day I would like to join these influencers in a similar project. Being the first of its kind, it is bound to be imitated. But you can be the first to experience this fabulous and innovative response to changing our ways of doing business within the pandemic environment.

Virtual Reality Experience

The Showhouse has been rendered using state of the art technology to allow for a lifelike 3D walk around experience using a computer mouse. With product discovery and augmented reality highlights  incorporated into each room, consumers can try out some of the featured products in their own homes. This sounds fun.

Some of my Favorite Sponsors

Signature Kitchen Suite Appliances is one of the sponsors on the list whose products I love, especially after visiting their showroom in Napa. We were able to experience the newest innovations and I have since specified their products in several of my kitchen designs. Showcased in the kitchen and elsewhere in the house, I can’t wait to see what the designers of those spaces will be doing!


Signature Appliance Showroom Napa


Ever since I visited their quarry and factory in Spain, Cosentino is another favorite of mine, especially the absolutely stunning Dekton designs. I know that one of the Designers, Carla Aston has used the Laurent product in several of her living room pieces.


One of my favorite lighting sources is showcased as well. I love a statement chandelier and the Minka Group has some of the prettiest from which to choose. As a sponsor, we can expect some exceptional lighting designs!

Minka Lavery Chandelier



Dear to my Heart

As you might know, I am always interested in promoting environmentally friendly design when at all possible. Focused around wellness and sustainability, inspirational designs will highlight ideas for everyone around the globe to enjoy and explore from the safety and comfort of their homes. Seasonal Living is known for its innovative use of sustainable materials in the production of their furniture as well as for supporting factories around the world that have been involved in small batch artisanal production for generations.

Be Ready to have Fun!

Luann Nigara, host of America’s #1 rated podcast for interior designers, A Well Designed Business, will be hosting the event! I had the pleasure of meeting Luann at KBIS 2020 and she is Superwoman! So bring your cocktails to celebrate as the industry and consumers alike, worldwide, gather together to get a first glimpse!

Afterwards, you will be able to tour the Virtual Showhouse at your leisure, in the Special SHOWHOUSE Edition of Seasonal Living Magazine.

When you’re touring, you’ll be able to zoom in, zoom out and have a 360 walkaround experience, all with your computer’s mouse. How fun is that? You’ll also be able to click on each product the designers have used in their rooms to get more information.

AND… 50 of the products will be highlighted with an augmented reality feature…you will actually be able to see them in your own homes! Want to learn more about the backstory? My friend Leslie Carothers of Savour Partnership has written an article about her involvement and how the Designers were chosen. Read all about it here Seasonal Living Virtual Designer Showhouse-the BackStory

Please Join Me

Sound intriguing? You can register here and remember it is a complimentary tour!  I am excited to meet the designers and see what they have created! Afterwards we can talk all about it! Will you be joining me?

20 thoughts on “Seasonal Living Virtual Designer Showhouse”

  1. Leslie Carothers

    Oh my goodness, Judith! There could not be a better post written about this …than this one! Thank you so much for helping to bring this exciting project to your own readers’s attention so they can be among the first to see it first, too, when it goes live on Thursday, Dec. 3rd at 6 pm ET during our live online launch party!

    If you are reading this, please DO join the many viewers from around the world who have already registered to see it by clicking on the link in Judith’s post, which I will share here again:

    And Judith: I had no idea that you had visited Signature Kitchen Suite’s beautiful Experience Center in Napa, or Cosentino’s factory in Spain. It is truly wonderful when brands support designers with factory tours and exciting experiences.

    And it is so exciting for me, personally, to be working on this project for its founder, Gary Pettitt, the CEO of Seasonal Living, who is another manufacturer working to bring a fantastic experience to both consumers and designers alike, but this time, one that can be enjoyed safely, from their own homes.

    Again, thank you for a GREAT post!

  2. Judith, what can I say except that I am honored that you have taken the time to write this insightful blog. Thank you so much for your kind words. Well, I will let you into a secret here, none of this would have been possible had it not been for Leslie Carothers (Savour Partnership) and Jenna Gaidusek (eDesign Tribe), let alone our incredible roster of talented, luxury and so forgiving interior designers….all of them have freely given up their busy time, some having just completed major real-life luxury designers showhouses let alone managing families, kids schooling at home and now having to consider a new challenge….the world’s truly first Virtual, Luxury, Designer Showhouse. I take my hat off to them all. I feel wonderfully blessed to have had this opportunity to engage with the creme de le creme of the interior designer world. Each one is a hero to all of us at Seasonal Living Magazine. Lastly, nothing would have been possible without the financial and encouragement of each of our Showhouse Sponsors. Each of these Sponsors is a visionary ….all understand the importance of embracing a new world and I will forever been indebted to each of the individuals who committed to being part of this showhouse. Thank you again for this insightful blog, we all so appreciate your time.

  3. Judith, this is such an amazing post!!! That 360° video with the waves crashing is exhilerating!! That in itself makes me want to be there!

    But all the features you highlight and the amazing brands and what the interior designers will create is awe inspiring.

    Im all signed up and can’t wait!! Thank you for sharing some of the exciting details!

  4. Hi Judith! Thanks so much for sharing about this exciting project! I can’t wait to see it all rendered. It’s going to be amazing. I look forward to seeing you virtually at the launch! Cheers! Carla Aston

  5. this project is so exciting and it means so much that you shared about it! Thank you for helping us get the word out because this is truly a one of a kind experience and shouldn’t be missed! We at The Howard Elliott Collection can’t wait to see all of the designs come to life!

  6. Judith- Thank you for taking the time to write this post. I am one of the 11 designers of the virtual house- I designed the Principal Suite, and I am also looking forward to being able to “walk through” everything that I’ve only imagined in 2D. Yes, there are some great sponsors who came along for the ride and I know all 11 of us are looking forward to showing the world how we showcased their produce. See you on the 3rd!! Best, Jeanne

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