DIY Simple Holiday Decorating Trends 2023

Ready for Simple Holiday Decorating Trends?

DIY Simple Holiday Decorating Trends for 2023! Easy with the emphasis on Simple Decorating has been appealing to me lately.   Our tradition is to get the tree the day after Thanksgiving. It used to be cutting it down at a tree farm in the Cascades, and yesterday we did just that!  It was the most difficult part of the decorating process. Before sharing some of my simple holiday decorating trends, here are some photos captured from the fun day!

Family Caravan to the Tree Farm
Last Year’s Family Caravan to the Tree Farm Adventure
Fir Goodness Sake!
Beautiful Cascades
Capturing the “Spirit” in the Cascades!
Our Tree-As Fresh as it Gets
Tree Farm
Happy Holidaze!
Family Picture by the Fire
Joy from Our Family to Yours

Due to age we sadly we had to say adieu to our beloved dog, Bentley, shown in the first photo. But we still have Coco Chanel and Monte to keep us entertained, especially in the woods!

I love to be in the know and “on trend” and festive.  But as I am hauling out less and less of our collected assortment of all kinds of nostalgic decor, I plan to keep my decorating less fussy and more organic.

This year I am absolutely attracted to DIY Simple Holiday Decorating ideas.  I wasn’t trying to find DIY ideas but that is what has been appealing to me. Simple and easy. And I might mention that most are truly budget friendly. Stay tuned for the reveal of our (almost) finished Christmas tree.

Less is More

Let’s begin by getting rid of all the brown, rusty, fall, Halloween, pumpkin and gourd style decor. Now that the Christmas season is officially here, let’s get a fresh start. It’s time for pine cones, evergreen, holly and red berries. Here are some of my favorite finds and ideas. Popular in the South which I have done for years is a glass vase full of fresh fruit. Layer in-season citrus like tangerines and oranges, lemons, and apples and cranberries and a few sprigs of greenery and voila! The fragrance is heavenly.

layered fruit in glass vase
Photo by Robbie Caponetto

Another absolutely easy centerpiece uses fresh greenery and fruit interspersed with pillar candles. I love to pick up the fallen branches from a windstorm typical this time of year in my nearby Lincoln Park. Think of using fragrant eucalyptus, holly and pine cones. So pretty!

Easy Centerpiece
Easy Centerpiece

Natural Elements

Having picked up those fallen evergreen branches I also look for interesting limbs needing to be trimmed. So many ideas can be crafted from these such as hanging ornaments, ribbon, and positioning where you might desire intrigue. From a window, a ceiling or over a dining table or console tablescape, my friend is invisible fishing line or twine for an organic look. You can use any of your favorite ornaments to develop the theme of your choice. Your all important individual style can so easily be expressed!

Courtesy of Interiorzine
Photo by Beth Dreiling Hontzas
Hanukkah Decor
Hanukkah Decor Courtesy- Onchitecture

Farmhouse Chic

The Modern Farmhouse Trend is still going strong in 2023. A great segway into this craze is preppy plaids and buffalo check incorporated into the decor. Ribbons, blankets, pillows and even shower curtains for the holiday are all welcome! I often use craft paper and more often grocery bags for my wrapping  paper of choice. Garnish with festive ribbon or string and an ornament and voila!

Plaid Ribbon and Craft Paper
Plaid Ribbon and Craft Paper
simple wrapping
Paper Bag Wrap- Photo Courtesy of Mel Poole
buffalo -check table runner
Courtesy of My Amazing Things
DIY Christmas Decor Trends 2019
Courtesy Architectworks


Buffalo Check
Courtesy Emily Henderson

Try using pruned tree limbs on the wall and adding ornaments for this organic and simple idea.

DIY Simple Holiday Decorating Wall Tree
Courtesy of BE2ADORN

Don’t Buy New…Just Yet

Discover a new use for what you already own….before you buy new….imagine the possibilities for that seldom used bucket or bowl, or various shaped candles and votives.   Instead of scattering all your sentimental items, group like items, such as all your silver ornaments or containers, to make a majestic statement.  Add some fresh greenery and your favorite holiday color accents. Any surface will do. Consider adding a string of twinkle lights…you know you can never have too many white twinkle lights…to any and all vignettes in your home for the holidays.

DIY Simple Holiday Decorating 2019rustic-christmas-ornaments
Courtesy of Binnenkijken Bij-Harmke
Silver Collection
Photo by Helen Norman

Add Natural Greenery!

Some of the simplest, least expensive, but most festive ideas are to just add natural greenery to your place settings, your vignettes, window sills, mantel.

DIY Simple Holiday Decorating 2019 Natural Greenery
Courtesy H&M Home

Garlands around doorways and staircases are pretty popular standards because they absolutely make a beautiful seasonal statement of beauty. They do not even need to be elaborate. While I love lighting them up and adding a few adornments, it is not necessary. You can see in this rendition there is little embellishment and the effect is fantastic.

Simple Front Door Greenery
Simple Front Door Greenery

More DIY simple holiday decorating trends include napkin rings made of natural evergreen ( these are faux from Target but you can make your own easily) or a welcome sprig on the place setting. I like to use a festive ribbon to tie a bow to secure.

Simple Holiday Decorating Napkin-rings-greenery
Courtesy Target
Greenery- Brass Gold Dinnerware
Courtesy Target

The Monochromatic Trend

This trend is not just 2023. Have you noticed that the ideas presented here are not that colorful? One color or a combination of neutrals in different values are fairly predominant. Nostalgic themes will never go out of style and I am guilty of hanging every memorable ornament on my tree no matter what the color. To create a more formal or sophisticated “statement” try using only one hue. Want to express yourself in a dramatic or theatrical sense? A monochromatic theme is individualistic and impressive and can be absolutely stunning. Some of my favorites are shown here.

Monochromatic Holiday Decor
Courtesy John Lewis and Country Living
Monochromatic Blue Trend 2019
Monochromatic Blue

Hanukkah decor can easily be incorporated in a monochromatic theme with simple ornaments interspersed in a garland. A statement piece of favorite art sets the stage.

Garland with Glass Ornaments and Menorah for Hanukkah
Garland with Glass Ornaments and Menorahs for Hanukkah


Notice how a little Red goes a long way in the refined Farmhouse theme below.

Farmhouse Theme using Red
Farmhouse Theme using Red

The Biophilia Design Trend

The idea is to cozy up the winter season, bring the light inside, and embrace hygge (see my former post here ). The Biophilia trend is here to stay and will grow as we have a natural attraction to nature.   I plan to write more about my studies in this area soon. The “biophilia effect” describes a number of positive impacts experienced when this affinity is evoked through a sensory experience of nature: sight, sound, smell, or feel. Candlelight, favorite scents, cozy tactile throws and pillows all contribute to a sense of well-being, comfort and joy.

I hope you have enjoyed some of the ideas I’ve shared which tend towards an attraction to simplicity and nature. In closing, I share a photo of my almost finished tree and of my own entry to my home from last year. Simple! I can’t wait for next week to start my decorating! Happiest Holidays from our home to yours!

Christmas Tree
A Perfectly Imperfect Tree!
Happiest Holidays!
Happiest Holidays!

2 thoughts on “DIY Simple Holiday Decorating Trends 2023”

  1. Leslie Carothers

    Wow, Judith! What a great post. I loved reading this and seeing all the beautiful images. I am with you on the biophilia and Less Is More trend this year! I am now inspired to clean out my Christmas decor and freshen it up with only those things most meaningful to me.

    Thanks for this!

  2. I love the idea that the simplest, least expensive, but most festive ideas are to just add natural greenery to your place settings, your vignettes, window sills, mantel etc. I also love your idea of hanging the ornaments from a branch or creating the tree wall art with branches and ornaments.

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