House Tour featured on Houzz

By Judith

A Japanese-inspired kitchen and garden remodel gives a Seattle couple their own little piece of Kyoto. Enjoy a tour of my friends’ wonderful interpretation in their newly remodeled kitchen. My Houzz: A Kitchen Update With Indoor-Outdoor Beauty

How to Hang a Chandelier and 7 Lighting Tips

By Judith

I have a thing for chandeliers. Doesn’t everybody? When I travel I am always on the lookout for chandeliers which may suit my clients. Why are they so hard to select? I am asked many times for guidance to the following questions. How high should I hang my chandelier? The ideal position is lower than […]

Embracing the Light in Winter

By Judith

My best friend in college married a Dane. I will never forget a chilly Winter visit to Copenhagen. She and her husband introduced us to the delight of “Hygge”. It is a word for which there is no English equivalent. You’ve heard that the Danes are the happiest people on earth. And yet they barely […]

Television Placement

By Judith

When drawing up a floor plan and arranging your furniture, the placement of the Television can make or break a room. Televisions are getting larger but also the profile is easier to work with as it becomes thinner. I collected some ideas in my Houzz ideabook and hope that these might give you some inspiration. […]

Love Letters

By Judith

I love all things lettered. I love letters! Have to Post/Share this. My nephew posted this on Facebook today and I don’t have any details. There was no text to accompany the post. We share a love of typography. He is earning a degree in advertising. But then I think he might be in love. […]

8 Ideas to Arrange your Furniture like a Pro

By Judith

When the holiday decorations are all stored away, it might be the ideal time to rethink and re arrange your furniture. I am always inspired to change things up for a refreshing start to the New Year. Here are 8 ideas to get those creative juices flowing. #1 Find the focal point. Consider what the […]

5 Cheap and Easy Ways to make your Kitchen Look Luxurious

By Judith

Don’t want to spend a lot of money to get a luxurious and rich looking kitchen? Here are 5 cheap and easy ideas to make it happen before the holidays. #1 Paint your walls a lighter color. This will be especially effective if your cabinets are dark. Better yet, paint your old cabinets. A light […]

Laptop Ergonomics

By Judith

For much of my career I was in business development in the corporate office arena. Most of the Key Bank branches in the Northwest in the 90’s and all of their operations facilities were designed by me and my team. While I believe aesthetics is always important, ergonomics and functionality were a huge part of […]

San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2014

By Judith

I was fortunate to view this stunning collection of Interior Designers’ creative imaginations at the 2014 San Francisco Decorator Showcase. Over two dozen distinguished designers participated in brandishing their talents in different rooms.  All of the proceeds benefit the San Francisco University High School. The home has a magnificent views of the Presidio, Golden Gate […]

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