Historic West Seattle Home

Helping to renovate this vintage home with a colorful history was sheer pleasure working with a team of knowledgeable craftspeople and homeowners who had a vision of honoring its past. The kitchen won Best Detailing in the NKBA Puget Sound Design Competition in 2023.

The custom arch over the preserved original stained glass window creates a spectacular focal point while creating a very functional work space. Incorporating a hidden drawer in a toe kick for the two doggies in the family  gives them a place for the water bowls that are now stored when not in use. Custom inset (framed) cabinets allowed the use of every inch of space in the compact kitchen. Blending the other rooms in the house with new traditional furnishings as well as re-covering the old with new textiles and fabrics bring this home into the 21st Century!

Updating the bathrooms to beautiful spaces one wishes to spend more time in was a special delight.

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