Television Placement

When drawing up a floor plan and arranging your furniture, the placement of the Television can make or break a room. Televisions are getting larger but also the profile is easier to work with as it becomes thinner. I collected some ideas in my Houzz ideabook and hope that these might give you some inspiration.

The Television can serve as a focal point if its surroundings are attractive or if it is integrated and treated with respect. (Notice I am using a capital T!)

In many cases it is awkward to try and place it to the side of your focal point. This can unintentionally draw attention away from your chosen focal point and sometimes can make the room seem unbalanced. Many of my examples show clever ways to hide the TV if this is your preference. Also check out the videos after the jump for more ideas.

Many companies provide methods to hide your TV attractively. Check out some of the solutions here on YouTube.

How have you determined the best placement of your Television?

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