Imagine a Home that Makes you Smile


Born and raised on the East coast, Judith Wright Sentz was educated in the Midwest near the brilliant architecture of Chicago. She earned her Master’s Degree in Interior Design at Western Michigan University and has been practicing for over twenty years in the Pacific Northwest in residential, hospitality, yacht and corporate office design.

As a professional member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association, Judith now focuses on the functional and aesthetic detailing of kitchens and baths, while delighting in the design of all areas of the home.

Judith was awarded First Place in the 2016 National NKBA Kitchen Design Competition and was an HGTV People’s Choice Winner.


What makes you happy? Essential to the design process is clear communication.  Once priorities are defined, design challenges are solved in a holistic manner.

Judith tends to be exceedingly practical and her approach is most likely to be restrained with a strong preference for pleasing architectural scale, shape, color and texture.

She believes that eclecticism is almost always more exciting than matching suites or sets of anything. The blend of old and new creates distinctive depth of character….curated not decorated.

Her portfolio is a reflection of the people with whom she has worked and each project conveys only the “brand” of the owner.



A multi-sensory approach that draws on her rich international travel adventures and continuing education helps embody her commitment to design integrity.

Accomplished in designing both traditional and contemporary interiors, Judith loves to interpret a home owner’s vision of their ideal of comfort and personal expression. Whether pretty and playful, outrageously colorful, or subtle, sophisticated and serene, Judith delights in the whims of her clients’ individual dreams.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If the client isn’t happy, Judith isn’t happy. With strong collaborative connections and a working relationship with an extensive list of trusted artisans and craftspeople, Judith promises your quintessential outcome. Our success is measured by client satisfaction.

Resourcefulness and outstanding service help Judith to achieve an environment for her clients that exudes beauty, is balanced and harmonious, authentic, functional and unique.

A discerning eye for detail, and many years of experience, provides the blueprint to create a captivating and enchanting home …. “the real purpose of a kitchen is not so much to maximize functionality and easy cleanability as it is to inspire deep delight and purest pleasure”…Alice Waters

Now can you imagine a home that makes you smile?