Laptop Ergonomics

For much of my career I was in business development in the corporate office arena. Most of the Key Bank branches in the Northwest in the 90’s and all of their operations facilities were designed by me and my team.

While I believe aesthetics is always important, ergonomics and functionality were a huge part of the success and growth of Key Bank in this area.

Now that many of us are working from home, this animation by Stephen Watkins is even more relevant.

This animation so clearly shows how simple and important an adjustment can be made…. and in the corporate world I believe comfort equals productivity. In the residential world I believe comfort equals livability and pleasure in one’s home. And hey, you know when you are using your laptop you will be able to be more productive, comfortable and happy! Isn’t that the idea? Take note! And if you are on a computer much of the day please take a break!

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