San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2014

San Francisco Showhouse
San Francisco Show House

I was fortunate to view this stunning collection of Interior Designers’ creative imaginations at the 2014 San Francisco Decorator Showcase. Over two dozen distinguished designers participated in brandishing their talents in different rooms.  All of the proceeds benefit the San Francisco University High School. The home has a magnificent views of the Presidio, Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay. My head was on a swivel trying to absorb all the wonderful ideas.  Here are just a few highlights of some of my favorites.

Creative Stairway Art
Creative Stairway Art… I love all things Lettered
San Francisco Showhouse
Every Stairway was interesting
Fantastic Artwork
Fantastic Artwork with Ombre Wall Treatment
Ombre Walls
More of the Ombre Wall
Artist's Atelier
Artist’s Atelier
Surprising Chandelier
Surprising Chandelier in a Traditional Setting
Meet Designer Antonio Martins
Portuguese Inspired Decor
Martins’ Portuguese Heritage Inspired Decor
Boy's Bedroom Ceiling Treatment
Boy’s Bedroom Ceiling Treatment
More Lettering "eclipse"
More Lettering “eclipse”
House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year
House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year
One of Many Garden Windows in the Kitchen
Stunning Garden Window brightens the sophisticated dark cabinets
Unique Rock Crystal Ceiling Light
Unique Rock Crystal Ceiling Light Sculpture
More Lettering "All Work No Play"
More Lettering “All Work No Play”

You can see more photos of the House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year at this link. Enjoy!

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