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Enchanting Chandelier

The most Exquisite and Enchanting Chandelier Ever!

AFTER with Artwork and Chandelier

AFTER with Artwork and Chandelier

Even the electricians (three in all) were taking photos to remember how enchanting this chandelier looked in this Yarrow Point dining room. For years! I’ve been searching for the perfect chandelier.  After installing the beautiful commissioned triptych, we wanted to replace the rather heavy existing chandelier. Here is a photo of the original chandelier sans artwork.

BEFORE: Dining Room and Original Chandelier

BEFORE: Dining Room and Original Chandelier

Once the Artwork was installed, the original chandelier did not enhance and in fact detracted from the art. So my mission was to find something airier, perhaps more dainty and of course lighter in weight. Well, not in pounds, but, you know,visually. For some reason I was attracted to branches or abstract organic designs in mostly linear shapes. The home is on the water and it was “natural” to want to connect the outdoors. I kept photographing ideas as I would see them. But not until I found this one, which is actually called “Coral Sea”, did the size, shape, finish, and style all click for this space.

As to the weight it is actually quite heavy. Here are my electricians trying to hold it as it is being installed. The scene brought to mind the jokes about how many men does it take to change a light bulb.

TThree Men to change some Lightbulbs

Three Men to change some Light bulbs

Actually we all joked about it. Kind of like how many Interior Designers does it take to change a light bulb? Four. One to Snapchat it, one to Tweet it, one to Instagram it and one to publish it on Facebook.

So here is the new chandelier installed. I had to share the excitement of this most exquisite and enchanting work of art. Both the triptych and the fixture!

AFTER with Artwork and Chandelier

AFTER with Artwork and Allan Knight Chandelier


It is difficult to see, but there are clusters of rock crystal at the ends of each branch which reminds me of the spring blossoms just now bursting in the air. Each cluster has a tiny halogen light bulb which provides a delicate sparkle. As all are on dimmers, the light can be adjusted so the mood can be set any time of the day or evening. Another feature is that the shallow height allows the table to be moved for parties where dancing or buffet style is ideal.

Here are a few more photos zoomed in.

Up Close Rock CrystalChandelier

Up Close Rock Crystal Chandelier

Before making this final selection other linear pendant lighting fixtures were considered.  After a relentless search for this style the following are some of my favorites considered.


Lindsey Adelman


Fiore Branching Chandelier

Fiore Branching Chandelier


Swarovski Crystalon Pendant

Crystalon Pendant



Cityscape from Lumens


Swarovski Blossom

Swarovski Blossom available in seasonal colors


Currey Rainforest

Currey Rainforest


Currey Rainforest in White

Currey Rainforest in White
Photo: House Beautiful



Just as pretty in the daytime!


And one more so you can see the detail of the delicate rock crystal and jewelry-like citrine beads.


Exquisite Jewelry!


And if you are trying to remember all of those light bulb jokes here is a link for your laugh today.

Light Bulb Jokes!

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